Calvary Presbyterian Church/The Old Church

1422 SW 11th Avenue

Warren Heywood Williams’s magnificent church is a product of the High Victorian interest in Gothic Revival architecture.  As a Carpenter Gothic building it exhibits many of the dramatic elements most closely associated with Gothic European churches, such as stained glass windows, a dramatic belfry, pointed archways and buttresses.  However, this structure was constructed of wood painted the gray of Gothic stonework.  The theme continues into its interior with a splendid rib-vault ceiling rising out of slender, graceful, cast-iron Corinthian columns, all painted to resemble stone.  Two remarkable features include the large Povey Bros. stained glass window portraying Matthew 6:28, “Consider the Lilies,” and the porte-cochere (a covered porch for carriages), which was restored in 1983 using basalt paving blocks rescued from Portland’s early city streets.  Though the building was originally designed for Calvary Presbyterian’s congregation, it was bought by the Old Church Society, Inc. for the purposes of preservation in 1969.  Now it is a non-denominational community space.